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Concept Creation

More than thirty consolidated international contemporary artists, in projects of different disciplines, exhibited well promptly where they amalgamate, exchange ideas and experiences, and celebrate it with the Spanish public in a modern, dynamic and festive way. Fusión Culturas asked us to help in the ideation and the concept creation to reveal clearly and uniformly all the activities that they offered to their public. Bringing homogeneity to a set of disparate arts such as music, film, dance, and the visual arts, created by artists from different parts of the world. Our team was a partner and part of the Festival from day one. We also were responsible for the Sponsorship & Collaborations Management and active collaborators in both the events & activities organizations & presentations.


Cultural interaction was one of the basic pillars of the Fusión Culturas Festival. We worked on it hand by hand with the Festival’s team to reflect this with the branding work we created throughout the process. Months before the launching campaigns, both Offline and Online, all the actions and the process of communication and interaction were thought about to favor at all times the dialogue, and with it, a conversation between us and the prospect public. The social media campaigns were also meticulously conducted and our objective was to contribute to the understanding of the concept behind the cultural and artistic events the festival presented.

The events

Fusión Culturas was a complex project because it couldn't be pigeonholed into one discipline, quite the contrary, it belonged to many. For this reason, both the editorial and audiovisual communication both online and offline had to be very clear, so that the public could easily understand what was being offered. During September 2017, we launched the communication and social media campaigns that activated an online and offline movement that consisted of building an audience and engaging with our public that at the end resulted in great success, full presence, and sold out tickets for all the events and activities presented. It was a challenge and a great pleasure to be part of this amazing event full of emotions and great spirit.

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