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Concept creation & design

After months of working with Moroccan designer, architect, and artist Amina Agueznay on the ideation and conception of the workshop, exhibition, and event we called Wearables, which was dedicated to the concept of creating wearable items and designs through architectural concepts. Thirteen consolidated international contemporary artists from different disciplines joined in and worked together with the designer at the most emblematic cultural and art space in Madrid "Central de diseño - Matadero".

Graphic Design

The graphic design and content we worked on had to be, therefore, impeccable as well as seductive. Hence, we grasped the concept of architecture and played with its variables in our visuals, graphic design, and content design, as the concept of the workshop and its events came from there.

The Communication

Wearables and the artist Amina Agueznay was an event worth taking into account by many professionals and amateurs in Madrid. That is why the workshop, the exhibition, and the inauguration event's content creation, graphic design, as well as the visuals in photo and video formats were very important to produce and communicate most effectively and attractively for this delicate public. We have looked after every single detail and the result was sublime.

The event

We were fully responsible for the workshop, exhibition, and its inauguration conception and organization, sponsorship management, and, Online & Offline communication.

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