Mentidero Café Showroom

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Concept Creation & Branding

Getting to participate in the ideation and create a branding strategy to convey the unique personality of this leisure and cultural space in one of the busiest areas of Madrid was the main strategy to follow for this unique concept. The branding we worked on then, had to reflect that special air, eclectic as well as urban. This vintage, contemporary, and stylish at the same time style, made us look after every detail that had to be well associated with the main concept of a multidisciplinary space, where not only you can have a coffee, a brunch, lunch, dinner, or cocktail, but even a space that was used as a showroom and a gallery where you can get to buy the vintage chair you are sitting on or the lamp that was on the table beside you.

The Communication

Blog, newsletter, social networks, or press, all supports were necessary when there is much to tell. Our team was in continuous contact with the Mentidero team to realize weekly the visuals for the online and offline advertising and promotion campaigns in many formats and many uses.

Photo-Video Shootings

Every week we held a photo or video shooting session for the Mentidero visuals to show the new dishes that were released on their weekly changeable menus for their special brunches and the new cocktails of the week. Those visuals were the key to attract both visibility and engagement and were used for both social media, press, and other communication campaigns.


When we say that the Mentidero was a multidiscipline space, this part will assure that concept. Many cultural events like Book signature presentations, Art exhibitions, Cooking classes, and other events were celebrated in the Mentidero. Our team was responsible for event management, organization and sponsorship management, and the communication of every event that was celebrated there.

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