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Luxury Brand

The designer and sculptor Noureddine Amir placed all his trust in us to enter the digital world. Amir is an haute couture creator and sculptor recognized all over the world, so his online visual work had to be up to his reputation.

Branding our client needed

Accepting the order of a creator like Amir means working with the highest demand. We wanted to give our client the resounding elegance that he shows in his designs at all times. Two letters encapsulate the power of the Noureddine Amir brand for his logo and elegant and simple colors, fonts, and designs were created for his website.

Add elegance on a Web

Transferring the elements that Noureddine Amir represents to a website was not easy. Amir is elegant but also implies nature, research, and simplicity in his work. All these elements had to be reflected on his website, and this is exactly what we did.

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